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Put A Ring On Him: The Growing Popularity Of The Man-Gagement Ring

by Barry Graves

When male football players, wrestlers, actors and singers start rocking engagement rings, you know it's going to be a trend. More men are being given engagement rings to celebrate and seal their upcoming nuptials. Here are some reasons why:

The times really are changing.

Younger couples are rethinking gender roles and responsibilities. Some women (and men) think it's rather lopsided that the future groom is expected to spend 20% to 25% on something exclusively for the bride-to-be to wear and enjoy. They want to give something back to their men.

Other women may be thinking a ring is a great way to "mark" their territory.

"This man is mine. See this ring?"

According to a recent study, 17% of men said they would be open to wearing a man-gagement ring. That's good news for women who may want to propose to their beloved rather than waiting for him to pop the question.

The rise of same sex marriages.

Then there are all the same-sex marriages taking place thanks to new laws all over America. Newly engaged men want to have a way to announce their happy news. They also want to share in some of the wedding traditions that heterosexual couples enjoy.

An engagement ring represents a promise, but it also contains a memory of the proposal. The location, the setting and the moment of "Will you marry me?" is forever captured in the engagement ring, so it's no wonder same sex couples are choosing to mark the occasion with diamonds of their own.

The mingling of traditions from other cultures.

In South American countries like Argentina and Brazil, it's been the custom for both the future bride and the future groom to sport engagement rings. Finland and Yemen are two other nations where man-gagement rings are commonly worn.

As people marry partners from other nations, exposure to and acceptance of their different marriage traditions are to be expected.

Not everyone is crazy about the idea.

Some people aren't fond of the idea of male engagement rings. They refer to Johnny Depp's bit of sparkly engagement jewelry, which is a very feminine diamond ring he's sported on his hand. This is troubling to some people.

But most male engagement rings are not dainty or ostentatious. They are plain but sturdy bands made of white gold, plain gold or platinum, often with diamonds set in the rings to add some sparkle. Titanium is also popular in man-gagement rings because of its durability.

It's wonderful to live in a time when we have choices. If you are in the market for a male engagement ring, your wedding ring specialists will have many rings from which to choose. You may want to take a plain man's wedding band and adorn it. Or you may have a custom ring made using your beloved's favorite gemstones. Engraving the inside of the ring is also a wonderful way to honor your future spouse.

Your engagement jewelry professionals like those from P.K. Bennett Jewelers will help you select a ring for your man that is just his style. And these days, they won't look at you funny when you say you want a man-gagement ring. It's a whole new world of romance and love out there, now showing on your man's finger.