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What Should I Know About Starting A Coin Collection?

by Barry Graves

If you want to start a coin collection but aren't sure where to start, this guide will point you in the right direction with some quality tips. This can be a rewarding hobby if you go about it in the right manner. To make the most out of this hobby and to be sure that you understand the proper steps to take, read the following guidelines below and use them to your advantage. 

Learn To Value Your Coins

Regardless of what type of coin collection you are starting, it is vital that you get a handle on how to value your coins. The best way to do this is to get your hands on one of the more reputable coin valuing books, such as the Black book or the Red book. You can also subscribe online so that you are up to date on the newest and latest coin values. This will allow you to know what each piece is worth so that you can take care of and treat the coin accordingly. This is the backbone of every coin collection and should be considered accordingly by any collector.

Figure Out Your Specialty

When you set out to acquire the best coin collection, it is ideal that you figure out what type of coins you want to specialize in. People have a number of different points of emphasis with coin collections, including collecting certain dates, themes, coins from different time periods, coins from different countries and more. This is all a matter of preference and should be considered accordingly when you figure out that you would like to start a quality collection.

Handle Your Coins Safely

Learning how to take care of your coins is also an incredibly important step. For instance, you should always wash your hands when handling your coins and should handle your coins as infrequently as possible to avoid the buildup of acid and other chemicals. When you do handle the coins, grip them lightly by the edges and be especially careful not to touch the face. For best results, also wear gloves and a mask to avoid any sort of exposure to the coin.

When you follow these great tips, you will be in the best position to take care of your coin collection. Be sure to also reach out to coin dealers online and coin collection organizations in your area so that you are constantly developing your collection and building on your knowledge base.